Complete Guide on Setting Up Throw Pillows on Your Bed

There are many rooms in your house, but they don't always feel entirely “yours”. Your friends and relatives might have access to the other rooms, but your bedroom is yours. So, it must create a sense of comfort and peace for you. Apart from the color of the walls, the choice of decoration, and the bed itself, one of the best ways to decorate and create the room you desire is by creatively using throw pillows. A well-made bed is often the bedroom's focal point, and throw cushions are fundamental in sprucing up its visual attraction. Let us explore the art of setting up throw pillows on your bed.

Choose the Right Throw Pillows

Throw pillows play a huge role in creating an attractive and inviting space. The size and shape of your accent pillows can deeply influence the overall aesthetic of your bed. Standard pillow sizes encompass square (18 x 18 inches or 20 x 20 inches) and rectangular (14 x 20 inches or 12 x 24 inches). You can choose from Euro sham pillows, boudoir pillows, bolsters, and many more to create your unique look. Combining distinct sizes and shapes adds a sense of dimension to your bed. You can also layer them to get a unique look for your decor. 

Throw pillow inserts are available in a variety of fillings, and each of them offers a distinctive range of service and ease. Pillows crafted with down and feathers are fluffy, lush, and excellent for slumping into. Their soft and sumptuous nature provides a lavish sense of comfort. Alternative down or polyester fill pillows are hypoallergenic and are a great alternative to traditional down. They have all the great qualities of down with the added affordable benefit. They are also easier to maintain as they don't clump together. Memory foam pillows deliver sound support and preserve their figure over time. They are a great pick for those who prefer firmer cushions.

The fabric of your pillow cover greatly impacts the look of your sleeping area. Cotton pillow covers give the bedroom an airy and light look. Linen adds a sense of serene and natural appearance to your decor. These fibers are breathable and naturally hypoallergenic. 

Velvet, on the other hand, adds a touch of luxury to your bedding. Its texture is smooth, and many deep, lively shades are available. Silk pillowcases provide a lavish and polished look for your bed. Polyesters and rayons are durable fibers with a beautiful sheen. You can choose one that fits your budget and taste. 

When you choose the color and pattern of your throw pillows, see that they complement the room's theme. By playing around with various color palettes, textures, and designs, you can create the ideal decor for your bedroom. If you need help to form a cohesive theme, you can always opt for our curated sets

Position Throw Cushions on Your Bed

Paying attention to making the arrangement visually pleasing and functional is crucial. You can choose a classic three-pillow design. This traditional arrangement of pillows constitutes three pieces lined up next to the headboard. Begin with two bigger square pillows at the rear and a single, reduced rectangular pillow right in front. This formation produces an even and perfectly balanced effect.

Euro shams are a must-have to bring luxury to any sleeping space. In this asymmetrical layout, you can position two of them against the headboard before placing two standard pillows in front. Simply complete the look with a petite ornamental cushion or lumbar pillow in the middle.

Mix cushions of different measurements, shapes, and textures for a unique and multilayered effect. Start with two grand square-shaped pillows placed against the headboard, supplement with two petite rectangular or square cushions in the foreground, and add the finishing touch with a lumbar or bolster pillow at the forefront. It creates a stylish and comfortable arrangement.

You can arrange your cushions at an angle across the bed to achieve an original and captivating arrangement. Begin with one sizable square cushion situated in the corner, and then proceed to organize smaller cushions in a range of shapes and sizes in a diagonal line across the bed. 

Get Creative with Textures

You can experiment with the textures of your throw pillows. Varying textures add energy and life to your bedroom decor, providing a great tactile experience. Combine pillows of different materials to create a unique arrangement. 

You can choose pillow covers from sumptuous and luxurious silks or velvets, breezy cotton or linens, or smooth polyester. This variety of textures will elevate your senses and keep your room exciting.   

Keep Up with the Seasons

Change your throw pillow according to the season. Keep your bedroom decor fresh by replacing throw pillows with the changing seasons. 

Opt for mellow yet vivid hues in spring and summer, while warmer, more pleasing shades can be employed in fall and winter. Also, pay attention to the materials. For example, linen and cotton are great choices for summer and velvet for winter months. It will help keep your room comfortable and useful throughout the year.

Select the Right Color Palette

The right color can elevate your decor to the next level. Create a classy atmosphere by selecting various tints of the same hue for the pillows. It provides harmony and serenity to the bedroom. Contrast brightly and vividly painted rooms with a muted color palette. You can bring a splash of color to a more subdued room by selecting pillow covers in brilliant shades.

Feel free to incorporate a combination of patterns while decorating. Include stripes, florals, and geometric shapes to create a vibrant look. These patterns will add a unique feel to your layout. However, do consider the common theme to make the design look cohesive. 

Add a Personal Touch

If you want to add a personal touch to your throw pillows, you can opt for custom stitching or monograms. It brings a classy and nostalgic property to your bedroom furnishings. It also gives a very unique and luxurious feel to your decor. 

You can add uniqueness to your room by picking and working with a particular theme. You can flaunt your favorite sports team, hobby, or anything relevant to you through the throw pillows. You can even get quotes close to your heart or photographs printed on them! 

Create a Sense of Symmetry and Balance

Symmetry and equilibrium are essential elements that take up a principal role in interior decoration. These principles provide direction for designers to craft balanced and aesthetically pleasing environments. One area in which these concepts can be used is the placement of cushions. It heavily influences the general look of a space.

You can use a matching quantity of decorative pillows on each side of your bed to obtain a symmetrical interior design. It brings a sense of tranquility and organization to the space. The eye naturally zeroes in on the harmonious presentation to make it the room's focal point. After a grueling day, the feeling of balance and cleanliness created by the symmetric hues is very much welcome. 

You may also try odd numbers of throw pillows to make an asymmetrical formation. It helps you move away from a structured and formal look and add personality to the space. It gives your room a more laid-back and eclectic feel, allowing it to exhibit its character. But it is still essential to maintain a sense of balance and proportion to avoid an untidy and crowded look.

The importance of color and texture must be considered when discussing this topic. When selecting pillows of varied colors, patterns, and textures, pay attention so they are evenly distributed on both sides of the bed. This approach creates a balanced and harmonious effect, with the visual weight distributed throughout the area.

Keep Them Well-maintained

No matter how much effort you have applied to select the throw pillows for your decor, we can follow some simple maintenance and care tips to keep them looking their best. Pillows lose their shape over time. You can regularly fluff and shake them to maintain their shape and plumpness, especially if they are down or artificial down pillows. Rotate and flip your pillows regularly to ensure even wear and prevent them from becoming lumpy.

Check the care instructions on your pillow covers and follow them carefully. Make sure you clean them regularly to remove the buildup of dirt and dust. Depending on their materials, some pillow covers can be machine-washed, whereas some need to be dry-cleaned or spot-cleaned only. Not following these instructions can damage the pillow and decrease their lifespan. 

If you have seasonal or decorative pillows, store them in a cool, dry place when not in use. It helps to prevent damage from dust and moisture.

Setting up throw pillows on your bed is a delightful way to express your style, enhance comfort, and create a welcoming atmosphere in your bedroom. Remember that these are just guidelines to get you started. There are no strict rules in decorating with throw pillows. It's all about your preference and creativity.

It is an art to arrange the throw pillows on your bed in an aesthetically pleasing and practically beneficial way. You can design an attractive and comfortable bed by making the correct selections of throw pillows and positioning them carefully. It does not matter if you like a traditional, simple, or eclectic look. The options for expressing your style and enhancing the atmosphere of your bedroom are endless. So, turn your bed into an intensely enjoyable and stylish sanctuary with perfectly arranged throw pillows.

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